Our leaders do more than just share their experience and knowledge. They share our clients’ passion to change the world and every employees’ optimism to make it a reality.

R. Kevin White

Got to give back

Having been blessed in so many ways, I truly believe I have an obligation to give back to the world. Being part of One & All allows me to do that through our clients. Specifically, it lets me apply my nerdy creativity—a combination of seeing patterns, anomalies, and nuggets along with wanting to dig through all of the “what ifs” to come up with the best possible solutions for clients.

Share to care

I think our urge to share is inherently about telling stories. Sharing stories—about ourselves, about others, about helping, about pain and need—is what leads to understanding. Understanding leads to empathy, empathy leads to action, and action leads to positive change.

We can do this

People learned millennia ago that combined abilities are stronger than individual abilities alone. Every time there’s a natural disaster on TV, you see it. Neighbor helps neighbor dig through the rubble, strangers come in from out of town to lend a hand, organizations swing into action with food, water, and a place to stay. What we do at One & All is simply the next logical step in the evolution of people unleashing their combined strength for good.


Kevin has spent 20 years in the industry and been with One & All since 2007. He leads our media planning & buying, research, and analytics efforts to maximize fundraising results. Prior to joining One & All, Kevin served as Vice President, Group Director at MediaCom.

Fun Fact

I’m unofficially known as the agency travel guru, planning vacation destinations 3-5 years in advance. If anyone needs advice on a destination, restaurants, activities, or wants a minute-by-minute Excel spreadsheet itinerary, I’m happy to advise.
Allen Kang
Chief Financial Officer

The power of teamwork

I don’t dwell on problems but would rather work on solutions. To me, that’s the true meaning of the Power of We. Recently, we formed a multi-discipline group of managers to upgrade our budgeting system. While the finance representatives took the lead on this project, the contributions from our operations, client management, and other team members helped us find a solution that is holistic and easy to implement for the entire organization.

Part mad scientist, part entrepreneur

At home, I am like a mad scientist. I love experimenting and exploring new ways to do common household tasks. I take that same attitude to work. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Which means I love to test my business skills. Experiment, tinker, try new things. You never know what new discovery will change everything.

Mentoring is leading

In my previous roles, I realized the importance of sharing my time and knowledge with my colleagues. The proudest moment of my career? Easy. When my associate in the finance group was promoted to be a CFO. As a financial professional, witnessing the people that you have mentored and guided reach a major milestone in their career makes me feel that I’ve done something right as their manager.


Allen has been in the advertising industry for 20 years, the majority of it at media agencies. Most recently, he headed up the finance group at Mediabrands, Interpublic Group’s consortium of media-related agencies. At One & All, Allen is responsible for overall financial leadership for the agency.

Fun Fact

My title is CFO, and officially that means that I’m a Chief Financial Officer, but unofficially, I also consider my role to be a Chief Frugal Officer. I love a great deal and am always thinking about how to get the best option for the best price. Some might call that being cheap, but I think it’s being fiscally smart.
Beau Hebert
Chief Operating Officer

Family is everything

I come from a rather large, extended family. I absolutely love belonging to such a wonderful group of people who are continually sharing with one another. Sometimes, it’s small words of encouragement, or, even better, a deliciously big Sunday dinner. You name it, we’re there for one another. It’s a true blessing to be included as a part of such a caring and sharing group of individuals.

Stronger together

When two or more people come together with a shared ideal or to solve a problem, something magical occurs. Something that, perhaps, had previously seemed out of reach somehow becomes more attainable. I see it all around me, everyday - big things, little things. We’re out to change the world. That’s the Power of We.

Farming as inspiration

I’ve always had a secret desire to be a farmer. Getting your hands dirty, being outdoors, working with animals (and cool machines, too!), while knowing that you are nourishing people, would be a very rewarding feeling. In many ways, that’s my job as a leader. Planting seeds, providing the perfect conditions for growth, while always looking ahead to see what’s possible.


Beau brings extensive operational experience to One & All, having worked at large agencies including MRM/McCann and Team Detroit (the agency created to service the Ford business). Beau is responsible for all areas of operations, execution, and technology at the agency.

Fun Fact

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 20 years, but since my family is a group of meat lovers, I’ve continued to perfect my grilling skills. I’m proud to say that at get togethers, I am still referred to the Grill Master.
Courtney Jespersen
VP, People

It starts with people

The Power of We starts with us, so who we bring into our team is important. Whenever a manager comes to tell me that a new hire is a “rock star,” it makes me feel really proud of my team and all the work we put in. In our industry, you meet every type of person—brilliantly creative, super analytical, introverts, extroverts, etc. But my feathers don’t get ruffled easily. I’m fair and practical. Which comes in very handy when dealing with different personalities.

Real impact

It’s one thing to say sharing creates awareness and awareness creates action. It’s another to see it. Personally speaking, I have a family member who received an organ transplant. I have never seen the magic (and power) of sharing work better than I have in the organ donation world. It’s miraculous!

Everyone plays a part

No matter your role here, it takes the power of us all every day to ensure the success of this agency and the deeply important work we do. The campaigns we create are saving lives. It’s pretty hard to find a corporate company where you get to do that every day.


Courtney has been involved in corporate recruiting and human resources for 20 years across various industries. At One & All, Courtney and her team are responsible for finding the best talent and ensuring that all of our employees are well cared for.