We help some of the best-known nonprofits and brands make an impact

Our clients can be found around the world, always finding new ways to make it better.

Our animal care partners are active in 37 states, helping to save, rescue and find homes for the 6.5 million animals that enter U.S. shelters every year.

Working throughout 99 countries around the world—including Syria, South Sudan and Haiti—World Vision is helping 41 million children break free from poverty and hunger.

With the largest civilian hospital ship in the world, Mercy Ships provides access to free onboard medical procedures to the millions of people in need along the world’s coastlines.

In 2017, our Food Bank partners provided 140 million meals to people struggling with hunger across the country—that’s enough to feed over 40% of the U.S. population for one night.

The American Red Cross is part of the world’s largest humanitarian network. With 13 million volunteers in 187 countries, they’re helping over 100 million people every year.

In 2017, our partners at Food for the Poor provided over 616 million meals to those in need—or more than 1.5 million meals every single day.

In 2017, Operation Smile performed close to 20,000 surgical procedures to repair and treat cleft lip, cleft palette and other facial conditions in children across the globe—at no cost to their families.

Last year, our partners at Rescue Missions provided over 4.5 million nights of shelter. That’s equal to filling the MGM Grand (the world’s 3rd largest hotel) to capacity for two years.

Project HOPE has trained over 100,000 healthcare workers who have gone on to treat and care for more than 1.2 million people around the world.

The world leader in wetland and waterfowl conservation, Ducks Unlimited has preserved over 14 million acres of lands that are key to the survival of local wildlife.

Since 1979, Mercy Corps has channeled $4 billion to emergency relief, humanitarian aid and community building across 40 countries struck by famine, natural disasters, war and other conflicts.

In 2017, The Salvation Army provided 24 million people with life-changing services, including 10 million nights of shelter and 55 million meals served.

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