We are One & All. An agency dedicated to changing how the world sees, supports, and shares the impact of nonprofits and brands everywhere.



The first thing we do is do absolutely everything to understand a client’s unique offering, the individual challenges they may face, and the paths that can lead to success. We use this knowledge and our deep industry experience to develop powerful strategies that resonate with and inspire audiences, ensuring that every clients’ goals are met—and more.


People bond with organizations and companies that tell stories which resonate with their lives. To ignite this level of empathy, we play with language, design, and imagery to create work that’s memorable and emotional. Backed by our understanding of human insights, behavioral science, and fundraising best practices, we develop creative that drives hearts to act.


Our approach to media is designed to reach the right people at the right times in the right places—in all the ways we live today. Whether that’s a ping on a smart watch, a podcast sitting in traffic, a direct mail package, or an ad on TV, our plans disrupt industry norms while driving results that raise money for our clients.


To us, digital is not a thing as much as a way of being. With new platforms emerging all the time, our digital expertise gives our clients countless opportunities to innovate how and where they share their stories with the world. As a result, our clients always have the tools and know-how to thrive in today’s digital climate.

Research & Analytics

Good decisions are data-driven, and good decisions are what we do. Thanks to our relentless drive to learn what works and why, we constantly collect data and analyze reports on everything we do. These findings allow us to continually optimize for impact—and do it in real time. So, the work we make for our clients doesn’t just work harder, but also works better.


Grizzard + Russ Reid

Once Upon a Time
Neil LeGette opens LeGette’s Letter Service in Atlanta, GA. It’s eventually bought by Claude T. Grizzard and renamed Grizzard Advertising
A Revolutionary Relationship
Grizzard and The Salvation Army enter a partnership that’s still going strong. In 2019, we’ll celebrate 75 years of working together “Doing the Most Good.”
Change Through Creativity
The Russ Reid Company launches in Waco, Texas on the belief that “the best talent, creativity, and technology should be put to work to solve the most pressing problems in our world today.”
We Call. The World Answers.
In a then unheard-of move, we begin using toll-free 800-numbers for our clients’ fundraising efforts. It transforms the way people give money and spurs a new best practice for the nonprofit industry.
Must-See TV
We create a television show specifically developed to raise awareness and drive donations for World Vision—another industry first. The program, “Children of Zero,” raises $20M to help suffering children and their families throughout the world.
Animals Welcome
Our longtime association with animal welfare organizations starts here. From those handful of projects, we now partner with over 60 animal rescue clients in local communities throughout the country.
Breaking the Rules
We roll out a new fundraising strategy—breaking down gifts over the course of a year through sustainer programs for organizations like St. Jude. This helps our clients cultivate monthly donors to drive a consistent, ongoing source of revenue.
America Gets MADD
We help launch Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In our first 5 years working together, MADD acquires nearly half a million donors and changes America’s attitude towards drinking & driving, saving hundreds of thousands of lives in the process.
Strength in Numbers
Our relationship with the Los Angeles Mission begins by creating a co-op model which allows local nonprofits to join together and benefit from group cost savings. Currently, we work with 63 Missions clients across the U.S. and Canada.
Translating our Vision
Sensing the growing power and potential of Hispanic donors at the time, we have the foresight to create some of the industry’s first Spanish-language campaigns. Today, our world-class Hispanic capabilities encompass both creative and media.
Hello, Washington
We open the first lobbying firm based in Washington, D.C. dedicated to nonprofits, giving our clients a voice with lawmakers and the ability to raise money through government grants—a previously untapped source of revenue.
Sharing Discoveries
Our groundbreaking Heart of the Donor study uncovers the motivations that drive people to support causes. We donate our findings to The Nonprofit Federation so the entire industry can benefit from these insights.
1998 & 2001
The Network Effect
Russ Reid and Grizzard both join Omnicom, gaining access to a global network of advertising and marketing partners and resources. Today, we’re a founding member of ONE HUNDRED, the Omnicom consortium dedicated to nonprofits.
Hitting Back at Hunger
With record numbers of Americans going hungry, we create a co-op program that enables food banks to meet the growing demand for their life-saving services. Today, through our program, countless Feeding America partners provide over 800 million meals every year in local communities.
The Best Get Better
Grizzard and Russ Reid, the two leading agencies working in the nonprofit industry, merge to better meet the evolving needs of clients and help make a greater impact on the world.
Here We Come
One & All is born as Grizzard and Russ Reid transform into a new agency focused on the power that’s generated when we all work together—as clients, donors, and employees pulling as one to change the world for the better.